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Sentry Security Systems Inc. is one of North America's most trusted security solutions providers; supplying fully supported, superior performance, lower cost security products.

Why choose Sentry?

Sentry Access Control systems are produced for us by a major international manufacturer of Access Control products with worldwide distribution, including being OEM suppliers to some of the leading security companies in the world. Sentry

This association allows Sentry to provide an extremely wide range of controllers, prox. readers (both standard, piezo and vandal proof), biometric readers and time/attendance equipment. Sentry Access Control products are easy to install/use. Controllers come with excellent software, and our Sentry brand of access control equipment is fully supported with superior performance. Sentry

On top of all this, Sentry Access Control products are priced to be extremely competitive with any other quality products on the market today.

New Products For January - Sentry

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