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Call Monitoring

Call Monitoring

  • Sort instantly by number dialed, time & date, or caller name.
  • Easily copy and email selected calls from within the application.
  • Rapidly group recordings together and create a single evidence case file.
  • Add your own notes. Use the note search option to locate recordings.
  • Append a professional-sounding announcement of the recording time, date, and your agency name.
  • Automatically decode DTMF tones to confirm outbound dialing.
  • Automatically decode ANI (Caller ID) to trace the caller, even on non-emergency lines. Reverse look up displays street address information.
  • A database of area codes and prefixes provides instant demographic information for calls made from out of the area.
  • An open standard Microsoft database MDB file can link to your own applications, making it easy to add fields such as criminal history, customer information.
  • Seamless integration lets you work with all logging recorder solutions: PC-based, Stand Alone CD, and network based.
Call Monitoring

The audio logging telephone recorder lets you capture calls easily and accurately from 4 to 16 extensions simultaneously. Separate audio controls are available for each channel. No messy wires or cords to deal with. Just simple plug-and-play technology at work here. PBX compatible means you can connect this logger up to the entire system or to your own PBX extension. Either way you connect it, you can record calls conveniently. Evidence Builder software lets you easily sort, e-mail, and print call reports. Standard RJ-11 interface connectors are compatible with outside wet lines, dry radio lines, and dispatch console audio sources.

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