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Books & Magazines

Books & Magazines

Industry-Specific Benefits

  • Hand held auto receiving & ordering
  • Customizable user-defined fields
  • Custom bar coding (up to 25 digits!)
  • Store transfers
  • Tag-Along items
  • Promo-pricing (begin/end dates)
  • Kits
  • Consignments
  • A multitude of reports (Crystal)
  • Customer loyalty
  • Price check
  • Layaway
  • Quick Service (non-barcode items)
  • Inventory control
  • Supports ISBN
Books & Magazines

What's black and white, and green all over?

Not seeing red in your bottom line is a rewarding feeling for any business owner, and our software solutions will help you get on your way to just that - or take your established business to the next level. Our industry-specific options let you control your stock in a variety of ways. From custom bar codes to the national ISBN standard, your titles will never be doomed to the wrong shelf again.

Other tools such as Consignment options, customer loyalty programs, lay-aways and hand-held receiving and ordering help to make your daily tasks as smooth as possible, while still giving you the control you need. The Comcash point of sale package for Bookstores and Newsstands is the premier solution to your ISBN-bound business.

Depending on your business needs, cost of POS systems suitable for your type of business may vary. Please call us or contact us with your necessities so we can provide you with an accurate quote.

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