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Sporting Goods

Sporting Goods

Industry-Specific Benefits

  • Real-time inventory control
  • Customer tracking
  • Customer statements/history/mailers
  • PO ordering/receving
  • Multiple vendor support
  • Warehousing (store transfers)
  • Multiple price levels/tax
  • Powerful user defined fields (UDF's - Customers, Products, etc.)
  • Multitude of reports (Crystal)
  • Automatic end of day report printing
  • Interface to an accounting software
  • Re-order by mix/max, date sold, category/dept/vendor
  • Kitting/Matrix/Tag-Along items
  • Single store usage or Multi-store (polling)
  • Promo-pricing (begin/end date by vendor, dept, etc.)
Sporting Goods

Rather keep track than run track?

Don't make your establishment make you run in circles to accomplish simple tasks - let the Comcash point of sale system solve your retail difficulties. Running a business is a competitive sport, and the best equipment sometimes dictates the winner. You already follow this mantra with your product stock - so why do anything different when it comes to receiving payment for it?

The Comcash point of sale system is a complete solution for your business. Manage your stock at a single location, or between any number of stores. Manage your suppliers, manufacturers and vendors. Adjust price and tax levels on-the-fly. Even interface directly to your Quickbooks accounting software for painless invoicing and sales data. So make the good decision for your business, no one likes a bad sport.

Depending on your business needs, cost of POS systems suitable for your type of business may vary. Please call us or contact us with your necessities so we can provide you with an accurate quote.

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