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Email Hosting

Email Hosting

Small Business Email Hosting

The Small Business email hosting plan is perfect for the start-up or cottage industry business, that requires all the latest and greatest but in much smaller amounts. This inexpensive plan will allow use of the online Webmail Gateway as well as full POP3/IMAP support for those users that require it. All our plans are white-label customs, retooled to convey your brand and message across to employees and customers.

Corporate Email Hosting

Our Corporate Plans were designed with the medium-to-large business in mind. There is already a workflow to follow, and it seems like all is up in the air - get focused, get organized, with the full Electronic Communications plan that doesn't stop at Email. We understand your need for getting information out to a certain few one moment and thousands of recepients the next. You need Calendar scheduling functions, group work capability, and many more functions that make your job a breeze. We provide it. Email Hosting

Enterprise Email Hosting

Since you've outgrown your last few offices, neighborhoods and countires, the goal has been expansion. Now, you need a way to keep this sea of data viable, with immediate access to it from any point in the world. Pull log files from the shoreline of Antigua to ascertain the health of your communications hub and send remote requests to make last-minute changes. Dynamically readjust your resources to accomodate for that videoconference pitch this evening. Go ahead, your network is waiting, embrace it.

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