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SiteBuilder at a Glance


Forego a lengthy design and implementation process, and compile, edit and publish your very own web site in just minutes with our SiteBuilder service. SiteBuilder is a fully customizable web template editor, allowing you to use one of the many themes included in it or to create your own. Insert multimedia, interactive features, and other website staples as easily and picking-and-clicking the location where you want it.

  • Either use the simple "Express site" wizard, or create a design and website structure from scratch.
  • Hundreds of ready-to-use design templates.
  • Huge graphics archive and customisable options.
  • Website automatically uploaded and published.

Choose a name for your website

Step 1 - Choose a name

Your domain names says a lot about the website you are making available for the public. It is the first thing they will hear when they are made aware of your site, and this first impression can be your friend or enemy. Don't confuse with redirects, .com-slash accounts, or loathsome MySpace addresses. A professional dedicated domain lets your customer know you are serious about business - their business.

Step One
Choose your website template

Step 2 - Choose your template

We offer a wide variety of fully customizable templates ready for your use. Simply browse, select, and let your creativity make any changes or edits you deem fit. After that, your site is ready to be populated with the content that your customer base needs to make informed purchasing decisions.

Step Two
Choose media for you site

Step 3 - Select multimedia options

Spruce up your site with a large selection of multimedia options, from images to video to Flash to embedded audio, make your site stand out with your own flavor. Step Three
Insert your content

Step 4 - Insert site content

Let your customer base know exactly what it is that you offer, in terms of products, services and whatever else you deal with! There is no limit as to how much you want to put on your site, and the more information you can provide about your products, the better! We can help with making your content clear, crisp, organized and having it stand out in all the places you want it to1. Step Four
Publish your content onto the WWW

Step 5 - Publish your content

When you're happy with how you've got all you content together, it's time to publish. Doing so is easy and straightforward much like the rest of the process, simply press the Publish to Web button on your bottom taskbar, and the content is immediately published onto the World Wide Web. You are now free to share your URL - or web address - with anyone you deem fit to know it. Thanks for hosting with us, and good luck!

Step Five

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